Need help on notifier background showing only white color on the live test

Please I need your advanced help on notifier

I have never experienced this but only today I have set the notifier when close button clicks the notifier works fine with the companion but on the live test it keeps on the white background color even if I change it on the settings.

Please I need your help.

on the live test with Companion
on the live test with apk on my device

This is the settings I have tried to set up

Here are the blocks I have also tried to set but yet there is no changes I want

Please I need your help to fix that issue.

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Which color do you want as Notifier’s background? Green(you are setting in blocks) or black(you are setting it from designer)?

For black background color, just uncheck that ‘Light theme’ check box and try again

That’s default notifier and it’s controlled by Theme (depends which one you chosed)

Use this one if you wont to set background to your notifier

Hello … I always make my notifications with “Create Custom dialog” and a layout. it’s easier to make and it’s full customised, you can change colors even add image. remember to make visible the layout when you call the notifier.
here and example:

And blocks:

Labels are in spanish sometimes…sorry for that.
Good Luck!

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I am thankful that Kodular Platform is allover the world.

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