Need help on such huge error

I need a help in my app… in my app a screen gets crash due to a error allocation of bytes

Can anyone test my app and please give me a solution how to solve this crashing error

First of all welcome to the forum . Second you can use the search option :mag: to see if you can find a solution .

Most probably you have more than one screen and you don’t close them correctly or you have large images in your assets. See tips 1 and 2 in the post below

Can this will be solved if i use the block to (if true then close screen , open another screen name…) on a button

If you are using more than one screen this is the way to do it otherwise your app will run out of memory. You must first close a screen before opening a new one. Give it a try and tell me if it works

Thank you and can you help how i can know what size (pixel) of image is well and how to resize them?

No it’s not working it’s getting crash

Please help how i can solve this crashing problem with allocate bytes!!

You should provide more info about your project, what extensions are you using, how large are your assets and show us your blocks in order to get help.
Also from the tittle of your apk it looks like you are making an earning app that it is not allowed on forum

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Forum means? Can you explain it in detail?

I do this thing on every screen it is okay?

Means Kodular community and earning apps are not allowed here .

Yes you must use it in every screen

Also please see below post on how to ask a question

Okay i understand, but i was try everything and give it my best efforts but i can’t solve this… app is getting crash while opening on a new screen​:tired_face:

How i can prevent from app crash?

Please do not spam. Check your screens and how big are your assets. I provided a lot of links to work with and I do not believe that you have read them all


What are the dimensions / resolutions of the images in the assets?
And which dimensions / resolutions are actually defined (required) within the app?
You should reduce the size (dimensions) of the images to what is actually required.

See eg here:

Is this good resize?
Can the error solve from resizing like this all images?


Just to inform you that your app will not be approved for showing ads as it is earning app

Sorry but i don’t want to show ads in my app…
I just want to solve that crash error please help…

If so, why can I see it in your apk