Need help open another screen with start value in cardview

Hello morning to you all. I have an issue and I want you to help me. I added view button in my card view using sortable to show my images and text. Now what I want is that anytime I click on view button I want only the image of the selected item from list to show in another screen. I don’t know how to implement it please can you show some block here please please and please I tried but received an error here is the images

Airtable sorry there is an error upthere .

Which card…? You are using…

I am also using this card view
Its slow for me(hangs even in 6 gb ram phn)(tried in 5 phones)
For you?
And your answer is use when button click blocks
And get its number
To match
The one which show that photo from list

Not modular cardview

This is my block

Can you show some block on it

I am not at home , so i dont have my pc
And i will be there Tomorrow so i cant help in blocks

But wait
I can send blocks text

When Cardview1.ButtonClick
For each item in list Abc(your main list)
If position = Get Item Index list - abc
item- item
Then open screen2 with start value = item

When screen 2 intialize set image to get start value

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I think you have to show more blocks.

Am not with my PC right now

Thanks for your reply I will do just that when I am with my pc

Please when you get home don’t forget to send the block also for clear understanding. Thanks man

show block that how initialized global variable

Sorry I don’t get you.

post screenshots of initialize global block

Please am not with my PC now please can you just show some block example if possible so that I can know how to go about it when am with my PC. Thanks

Please can you show block now.

i said i am actually not at home
i will be there tommorow according to my time zone
its after 16 hours
but my text is same as blocks try and say if any problem