Need Help! please!

Bugs: error when button1 clicked, nothing happens when clear all button click, clear all button has no text

on menu select Normal
click button 1
click button clear all (long button without text upside)

Link to apk (6.5 MB) link to image of blocks, aia, and screenshots of bugs here (Google Drive)

Tested on Android:

6.0.1(miui 10)
8.0.0(android one)

Is it a compilation bug or blocks mistake, if it’s blocks mistake, pease tell me how to fix it.

Hello And Welcome to Kodular

Can you please explain your query more clearly? Also if possible post the image of related blocks here.


Hallo, ok, it must ask ‘Truth or Dare’ using notifer component (On russian language) to someone of 20 players (it’s possible <20), when Button 1 click. When button 1 click it calls this prosedure , but then nothingh happens if prosedure started, then lable 30 (renamed to debug) must change it’s text, but even it doesn’t happens (sorry for my bad english, i’m from Ukraine) Thanks=)