Need Help regarding interstetial ads placement

Hello Guys…I really Need a help
The Problem is I made a app with proper ads placement and proper blocks …I tested via companion mode…it worked well but after publishing app on playStore…the interstetial ad blocks went wrong…I placed interstial ad in every screen back button…but it shows interstetial ad at the exit time…means when I pressed back button at main screen is shows exit dialogue and after that th interstial ads playing…plz help me

Welcome @1SHOT_TejaOp,

First thing if you are using Admob Interstitial ads in your app then you should have the knowledge of where Admob allow interstitial ads to placed or
where not.

And second, use ad failed to load block to get error message.

I have the knowledge about admob ads …even my ads are showing but the problem is they are not showing were I placed them …my code is correct even while testing in companion mode its working well but at final apk the ads pop in totally different

This is not allowed.

I don’t think this is possible, may be other users can confirm. I suggest you to check your blocks and use ad failed to load block.

what can i do now…i want to show you my app… is it any way to show you my app?so that you can exactly tell me the problem as well as about ads placement

Show me the screenshots of blocks where you used interstitial ads.


You are using wrong blocks, first load ad then use block when ad loaded to show Interstitial Ad.

Sorry I didn’t get it… can you send me block plz?

Currently I am not using Creator so I can’t give you the block screenshot but I will be tell you everything.
In your app, you load ad when screen initialize and you use when screen backpress to show Interstitial Ad.
I recommend you to load ad when you wants to show it first load ad then use when ad loaded block to show ad.

Hello… i will give you some tips
*Admob takes sometimes 24hs to show the ads on the app after you published on google play
*You have to link your app on “google play” with “admob” in admob’s page ( )
*Make sure you copy correctly the ads id
*make sure you uncheck the “test mode”
*make sure you check the “Ad Enabled” ckeck

Good Luck

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You mean I need to put that interstial load ad block on the top of the interestial show ad block right?..means there are total 3 blocks in back press component right?

Thank you :blush:

First thing first, Admob restricts you to play with normal app flow.

Secondly, your blocks are wrong. First load ad and then show it.

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