Need help regarding side menu layout

In the side menu layout, I have created many items, for example, home. I want user go to the home screen if he/she clicks on home and so on

Follow this video #19 How to Create Professional Sidebar In Kodular | SideMenu Kodular Layout | Thunkable - YouTube

And first know basics of kodular by investing time on it and you got basic knowledge to use blocks :slightly_smiling_face:

I know how to create professional sidebar. But in my project, I have enabled notifier, for example, when home is clicked, a notifier alert appears. I want user to really go to selected screen.

Then instead of put notifier block put open another screen block

And another screen is your home screen or else

If I am clicking “privacy policy”, a dialogue box pops up. After dismissing, the “privacy policy” is highlighted still.

What is that ,

you want that or you face that :dizzy_face:

I face that. I dont want that.

You can do this in two ways