Need Help Regarding Slider component

hello everyone

i was wondering if i can change the slider thumb image to percent. basically what i want is that if the slider position is at 10 then thumb should show 10%. similarly if slider position is at 50 then slider thumb should show 50%. is it possible? if yes then pls guide me how to do this.

(consider slider min value 1 and max value to 100)

is it possible or not ? someone pls reply.

Firstly, I’d like to remind you that this is a community run forum, meaning people will respond to you as and when they find time.
It isn’t unusual for one to wait at least 12 hours before they can expect a response.

Coming to your question, I’m not sure if what you’re asking is possible.
But I stand to be corrected.


Just behave yourself and be patient.


That makes it super easy.

Step 1: Only allow integers for ease of use. To do this, when the slider is moved, set the slider position to the current position rounded off.
Step 2: join(slider position, “%”)

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i want slider thumb to show the percent is it possible.

I didn’t try it but maybe you can make your own Slider using Canvas.

can you give me a little idea on how to begin or block arangement. because i have never used canvas.

It’s a bad idea because the slider knob would be completely hidden by the user’s finger. You could display the text in a moving label or a Canvas. I’ll try to get something prototyped tomorrow unless someone does it earlier.

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I did a little modification on my slider via canvas example from here:

and just set the width and height of the image sprite to the player volumen (1-100).
With the multiplikator (x3 for example) you may finetune the scale of your imagesprite

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I have a SliderProgress Extension in development. You can check out a demo here:


Nice development

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