Need Help Related to DynamicComponents extension remove items!

I created a listview using DynamicComponents extension.

I want when I click on the button (black button below shoe pics) the dynamic components will remove as well as the items from the original list also will removed.
But after 4th-5th attempt on click I got this error

Here is my blocks

Any DynamicComponents extension expert please help me as soon as possible…

Here is my aia
Copy_ForthcomingAquamarineMaca.aia (400.7 KB)

Thanks in advance​:relaxed:

Make a list of ids and use index in list (global id) and item to component id for removing the component

@Sumit1334 can you please show me this in blocks​:slightly_smiling_face:
If you do I will be very thankful

The problem is that when you remove an item index in the global list changes, for example if I delete an item in index 1 then next item that was in index 2 moves to index 1 . Try below aia and see if it works according to your needs

Copy_ForthcomingAquamarineMaca_1.aia (401.5 KB)


@dora_paz Thanks a lot.You really solve my problem.I was trying to resolve this issue for two days.Thanks a lot again​:relaxed:

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You really help me a lot.I have another issue.I you don’t mind please resolve this also.Now I want to add another button in the list view by which we can edit/update list items.
Please do it also if possible.
It’s a humble request
You can modify the previous button for edit/update instead of delete

you can also add or remove values from a dynamic list by =

  • first remove or add a value in your list
  • now remove your whole dynamic list
  • after removing the dynamic list again load the dynamic list using your list

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