Need help to solve error of Custom Dialog Box

Recently, I use 2 Custom Dialog in my app first time. I Add 1 in Screen1 and 2nd In Main Screen. Both works good in Companion. Then I Export it and Install in my Vivo Mobile. A Dialog box which use in Screen1 is worked fine but another was not work properly. Screen Become little dark but Dialog box not shown. I Want to help for Notifier 2 - Exit arrangment


Please help me to solve this issue.

When screen initialize, you have set No_Internet/Exit_Screen visible to false. The Register Custom Dialog component must be visible when Custom Dialog shown so set No_Internet/Exit_Screen Visible to true.

I Already set Update.visible=false in screen1. but it works well.
and this system also works well in companion but not work after install

Show that blocks

IM not set through block, but set from disgn. untick visible option

This is from companion

This is from installed app

@ramrajput200021 as u see that all function works well in companion mode but not work after installed it

Set Custom Dialogue to the Layout When Screen1.Intializes
then Show or Hide it according to the need.

I’ve also faced this problem once and after setting custom dialogue in screen initialize then it fixed.

if it is not the solution then reply. @Vinaba_Jadeja

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I do same as u say but still not work. pls help me

Now Show your blocks and tell which custom dialog not working.

I Got Solution. Thanks all for Support.
I transfer blocks from procedure to main screen.intialize

That’s what I Said there.

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