Need help, unable to create APK file

Please excuse me for my English, I am French and I use Google Trad.

Hello, after some research on the forum, I did not find an answer. I switched to the Discord server, and Boban advised me to discuss it on the forum to have a better chance of getting help.

I have been working on an application for managing the scores of a dice game for several weeks. It is not a game, but an application which serves to note the scores.

I’m at a level where I have so many blocks that I think it’s a problem. The page is dragging a lot, and now I can’t create the APK file. I have an error telling me “server problem, one or more files cannot be backed up”.

I uploaded my AIA project to the Unchive site, and it turns out I have … 17,870 blocks. I think my problem stems from there.

I am coming to you therefore, because I do not know what to do. I don’t know how I can do to reduce the number of blocks, because on the application you can enter up to 5 players, so all my blocks are multiplied by 5.

I put everything on one screen, with “Notifier” to show / hide arrangements.

In the live test everything works fine, I am ready to make my APK, but I am stuck with this server issue.

Please help me ! I don’t know what you need, but if you need to, I can send my AIA project (it’s not secret, and I don’t want to make it a paid app, but I trust you not to steal the project ^^)

Looking forward to your responses, thank you all.


What about providing the error message? My guess is, you are getting an DX execution failed error?

Why are you copying the blocks for each player? This sounds like redundant blocks… DRY - Don’t repeat yourself… add some logic and reuse the same blocks for each player and in the end it does not matter anymore, how many players there are… 5 or even 500…


Hi, thank you for your feedback.

I attach the screenshot of the error to you, it is in French but here is what it means in general terms : “Server error: Unable to back up one or more files. Please try again later.”

I also put some captures made during the live test with the Companion, in which it works perfectly.

On the video you can see that I am using checkboxes, they are all independent, named by player 1, player 2, etc. That’s why I duplicated each block for each player.

I didn’t see how I could do otherwise.

Hi all.

I followed the advice to use the procedures, I found some tutorials on the net that talk about it, and I managed to reduce the number of blocks from 17800 to 16500. A good start, but not enough to allow me to build the application. Always the same message.

But now I don’t see where I can use the procedures to further optimize the project …

I would like to ask you a favor, if someone here has a very good internet connection, would it be possible for me to send them my AIA project and they try to build the apk? See if it comes from me and my connection or if it comes from the project?
I’m not asking for an optimization, just testing the build.

If anyone is willing to help me, please contact me in MP, thank you!

I can help you

Thanks to Boban for the help he gave me.

It took some time to find me a solution, he made some changes, and thanks to him the apk file can finally be created successfully.

Thanks again, Boban ! :v:t3:

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With some magic, blocks are down to 2500, also now the app is able to have 2 players or 200 players as suggested by @Taifun


And it must be said that the magician is called Boban! Thank you again for your help!