Need Help understanding the "is in list?" block

So i have a problem.
I am trying to check if a “thing” is in a list with the “is in list?” block and a “if” block.
No matter what i try, the program won’t enter the “if”.
I’ve put some testing labels to check.
Variables :
ClickTitre : is a string
Liste1 : is a list
Blocks :
blocks (17)
Results :

As you can see,
Label 1 got “test” so the variable “ClickTitre” is “test”.
Label 2 got “(( test ))” so “test” is in the list
Label 3 didn’t change so it did not enter the “if” block.
I can’t understand why.
Can someone explain to me why it doesn’t work?

Thx in advance !

This is a list of lists

Oh! I see.
If it’s not to much to ask.
Do you know what arrangement of blocks i need to check in the list of lists?

Maybe like this …?


I think you are aproaching the solution.
But the index must be variable.
How can i get the index of the “thing” in the list of lists?

blocks - 2022-07-29T122224.839

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Getting an error :confused:

Got the solution
I just get all names in my list of lists in an other one.
Then from that new list i get the index of the name and remove the item from the first list.
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