Need help use date picker to show in listview but don't show time and location


Welcome to community. Please post a screenshot of the blocks you use to create list used in listview


Are you getting time from an api ? Do you use an extension ? See

I save the data to google spreadsheet and get view on listview, I don’t use any extension

instead of getting data from google sheet by gviz method try to call by csv method… It wont appear


how to, I don’t understand

how do you call data from google sheet? show us



instead of using script url, (only the time of importing data to app) try like this

in the web got text keep the remaining things are same

i have several sheets in a spreadsheet, sheet1,sheet2. if you use that code, only sheet1 will appear

In such case you can use &gid=(gudnumber)at the end of the above said url

So it will look a like

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