Need Help with Airtable

Hello Koders,

I am using Airtable for database. I have grouped data with username.(refer image)

I want to know that how can I get the data which i marked with red in kodular in label?

Note - As I have grouped the data by username, these numbers would be different for every group.

I know we can get average in kodular also by math blocks but this would make my work much smoother anb easier.

Thanks in Advance.

As i have never tried getting the rating value… try to get the value and add it to rating bar component

No, you didn’t got it. can get value if it is in cell. but check the market value.
I want the value of avg. not the values of cells in that cloumn

It will return the average value only

How to get that? for each group.

Can you show full shot of your data?

yes, just a min.

You can not. Get data from airtable and then group them to what ever list you need and make calculations for each group

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ok, but how can I get rating column? like if there’s 3star in one cell so it can return with 3 as value?

As @dora_paz said that you cannot directly get grouped data from airtable you need to ungroup it and group it in app itself…

You can get the value of rating by calling get get column method

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When using rating in airtable you get values in numbers in app



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got it, thanks a lot. but I was wondering. can is it possible to do the following?

→ get rating of row’s which includes phone number 1234567890 and than make avg.?

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