Need help with Airtable

Everything works fine until i add more than 30 records in my Airtable Spreadsheet.
Now , when i added more records to my Airtable then there is problem of not loading that Spreadsheet.
Also please note that , there is no problem in connectivity , internet Speed and API key or Base key or Table | Bucket | column name. Because same Spreadsheet with in other tables with less than 10 records works fine.

Please help me . because i am creating app with business ideas and it could not be less than 20.

is there any problem or limit in Airtable Spreadsheet.

Can you share the snapshot of the Airtable sheet containing 30 records? Also check if any cell is not left empty in that sheet…

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Thank you for your early reply @Vaibhav .
I accidently left very last row in my Spreadsheet empty. ( which is row 31 ).
But, after deleting it everything restores back to normal.

Thank you so much for the Help.


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