Need help with airtable

Hi , im creating new school application for homeworks and tests and im using airtable. So i want to ask how to store each and every student data separately. Like student 1 name/class/rank/homework/test score. then student 2…
Im confused it’s possible with airtable or not. because for each student i have to create new table.

So! I’m also thinking this from last night! But now I going to use Firebase. Because it’s not possible to nest data on Airtable.

Make Different column according to your need like roll no. , Name, marks.

First column will be for roll no. So using that index you can get different so values.

That means 4-5 columns for each student. :sweat_smile:

Rollno. Name. Marks
1 Cuz 80
2 Bab 50

Like this

Actually I am not having my laptop so I can’t explain properly. I will post later.

In my case, each user will create new row(s) everyday. That’s why I need to nest them to simplify the moderation process. So good to go with Firebase (for me!) :slightly_smiling_face:

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No doubt firebase is always best option. But @Alpha_Developers_Official want with Airtable so I said :blush:

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i understand about that but i need each and every student data separately like
if student one is max so max have own table like for marks,name and his address and his photo and also daily homework details.

can you tell me how to do with firebase it’s easy to store data?

You Can Store data in Airtable Row like
and then Replace DATA:- with empty string and Split remain things at <<.>>
And You will get all data In just one raw for Test Results make new Raw and Repeat same but Change the starting Text like TEST:-TestR2<<.>>TestR1
Hope You Can Understand.

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Can you show me example because i tried but didn’t get succeed.
If possible can you provide aia?

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What are you not understanding?
blocks (25)

it’ll add raw but when student need thier data(homework/marks) then how to recall that

it mixed up

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it’s easy

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yeah but it create raw for one student in table
then again if new student entry on new table separetly
so my qution is how to do that without using new table

you mean next row

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no new table
because i need to separate student data so that if student want to access anything from last homework or need to know about marks they can do that

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instead why not create everything in a single row?

I think it’s not good idea

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i know but i don’t have any choise
if you have any solution please tell me