Need help with my blocks

Dear friends,
I am new with json extension. After 9 hours of work i just made this block. As i mentioned in this block atribute 1 main object 2 and 3 inside of it. But the 3 has 30 names. That’s means i have to parse 30 times. I hate to increase my app data. Please somebody help me with it. I just want to minimal use of blocks.

Check out this guide:

I hope this will help you in working with JSON.

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Obtaining data from a Json depends on the format of the Json (If inside an object there is another object or another array, for example…)

How do you get the Json? Or do you get it from an API?

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Thank you so much for your response! Yes i got from an Api. No. 1 is main object and no. 2 inside of it inside of the no. 2 there is no. 3. In number 3 there are 30 items. So i got confused and don’t know which block to use?

Thank you for your response. I am looking on it.

I prefer Working with JSON for fixed data…It’s in many ways fast than Airtable.

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Dear Doc,
Thank you for your valuable reply. Can i use multiple Rest Apis in same screen! If yes!, please give me some examples of blocks. It’s may be helpful for me

Thanks. I wish I could help u with blocks…but right now I’m undergoing a horrible situation due to recent Super Cyclone. Since >96 hrs I don’t have any electricity I don’t hav access to the computer right now.

Still for u…

  1. Yes u can run multiple APIs with web component…but it should be one after another completed. Still, it will take much less time. All you need to store the response in variable for next works and off course u need to know the parsing and extract the data from the response. My guide might help you.
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Thank you so much Doc,
Suggesting in this situation it’s lots of to me!!
I am new with kodular and not skilled yet, so i rised questions which i don’t know. I think you may understand my ability. I don’t want to trouble you. If i can’t solve issues myself can i ask you personally?
I am hoping this bad time will soon over. My prays with you. And again Thank you for your Gentle reply.
God bless you

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