Need help with some blocks please

Hi There, I am currently working on a project for my self and have come across an problem. I have tried various options to solve it without success. I just have no idea what to do at this point. I would appreciate any help.

quick App rundown.
This app is a personalized notes, event activities storage app for work.
Among other, it has 2 Lists called “DB Open Items” and “DB Closed Items”. I use Dynamic Components to make both lists based on the same template. Each item in each of the lists has a label and a check box. the Open list has the check box named “Done?” and unchecked by default the Closed list has the check box named “Done!” and checked by default. When I check/uncheck a check box it is supposed to move the item from one list to the other. I made a block section to achieve that but it only works one way and crashes the companion the other way. When I uncheck the checkbox it works. the item disappears and appears on the open list items but when I check an item off it crashes the companion app.

thank you for any help in advance

Can you show your dynamic component create procedure?

Is this check boxes to dynamic component or not?

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I assume the issue is with index.

Try this and check if it works!

Chane COMPONENT ID to the ID you provided while creating Dynamic Checkbox. For example, if the ID is as below
then replace COMPONENT ID to check

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Hi everyone. Thank you very much for your quick responses. I found the issue/solution after sending this question. All I did was instead of using the checkbox.change block I used block that solved. Why no idea but it did.

If interest on my dynamic list blocks is there I’ll gladly provide some pictures.

Thank you all and have a great day.

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