Need help with the user login and entering details of the user and store them

Help me please… I have created a login page which verifies mobile number with OTP, it works. But I want to make another page in which user need to enter their details like username, email etc. if the user is signing in for the first time. If user already signed in before, the details page should not be shown to the user and they should directly land on home screen of app. The details must be stored in database along with the mobile number entered before.

Create the details need to submit by the user in a VA.

Once OTP over, make this VA to visible
. Once details are submitted first save all the details in tinydb and open the concern screen

Second time while open the app check this tiny dB have data or not. If not set OTP to visible else open the screen that you want after saving details in tinyydb

I tried doing this bit I don’t know the correct syntax. And I want to store data in firebase database.

share us your demo aia, we will fix on it, if any error found

SpeedRunner.aia (2.6 MB)

try this

SpeedRunner1.aia (2.6 MB)

Ok I’ll try… Thanks