Need help with web component

I want to get ‘src’ value that is image link in global variable image link
I have tried this

I am getting all other values correctly but in src i got this error

Screenshot 2022-03-03 203048

json data is here
Screenshot 2022-03-03 202821

Better post the link to the api in order to get help

i cannot post api link as it contain secret keys

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i just want to get src values under “images”

Change global images to global response below your walking path block for src…

Your src is in, inside the key value of images… but there is no evidence that you are calling images key value …

I tried that also. It shows label7 as () because src is under “images” and i am calling it correctly but then also its not showing all content under “images” not a specific src values

Use Do it on global images and post a screenshot of the result or of Label6.Text

see global image block, in that images key values are called and it is correct because it shows values which is under “images” in screenshot 3rd.
Now when i call for src under “images” then also it shows values same in global images. Issue is it doesnt show particularily src values

In label6 these values are showing

Try this way and see if it works for you


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That worked. Thanks again Dora. You are awesome. :grinning:

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can u tell me if i want only 5 items how to do that

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