Need Kodular companion apk

Desperately searching for the apk. I want to test on a emulator. So i can’t download the apk from google play and a website called hasn’t update the updated apk link yet. Anyone give me the apk please. I cant wait to test the new features :blush:

Here you go:

You can only download this from play store, APK file is not available anywhere else.

I can’t download from google play. I want to test on a emulator called genymotion.

You can download from Google play and then open backup option available in devices and make a backup of updated companion and the APK of the companion will get saved in devices and then install on you emulator.

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Thanks but its a complex solution. Is there any simple way?

Try uninstalling and reinstalling it.

Or sometimes it helps:
Go to settings > Apps > choose Kodular > Storage > Delete Data

I think you don’t get the question.

Yes you are right. I’ve overlooked. Sorry

@Diego you should upload the latest apk file to this community.

Then u just need to do is wait for the website to update the apknfile on their server…

This is available on but is 1.1 :frowning:


Yes I tried many websites like apkpure but got older versions.

With this website you can download every apk from google play, here you go:
APK Downloader [Latest] Download Directly | August 2020 | (Evozi Official)

EDIT: Not, this website only has 1.0

EDIT #2 Here you go:

(It was too big to upload it here)

(You shouldn’t thank to me, Lucky Patcher gave me the ability to do this)

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Here’s the APK file of kodular chameleon Companion

Hope now you all guys are satisfied Now! :blush:

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Thanks :heart_eyes:

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