Need login credentials for app review in Play Console (Sign in With Google)


I need help regarding this

I know it’s been answered already and i did search the web but i did not find solution for my problem

Actually in order to get approval from Google Play i need to provide login credentials in App Access option, But problem is I’m using Google Sign in only

There’s no Username/Password, No login System

Only Sign Up using Google

So what should i provide in login credentials?

I tried typing Sign Up and all but still it got rejected.

Thank you

If you have registration system in your app then you’ll need to give Google an test account inoder to test your app. Just put anything like test account on the name then put the login credentials for your app.

That’s the thing i don’t have any login credentials because its “Google Sign in”

can you show your app interface?

Here’s the first Screen

I’ll change Sign up text to Log in

try changing to this ( All functionality is available without special access )

I did but still got the same rejection mail

I even tried this but still the same

Why don’t you add username-password login system.

It will be time consuming to creat Username Password login system and i already spent alot time for this!

funny thing is that when i uploaded my app for the first time in Internal Testing it got approved

Now I’m trying in production but it’s getting rejected

The app has been approved!

I did not change anything in the app!

I kept using this

After multiple rejection they finally approved

Thank you for the help!

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