Need Lost Focus Block in text box

Hi Makeroid team,
I need lost focus Block. .Request focus Block is already implemented.

example. when click on the button or press enter then call to lost focus Block.
Like this in device browser

Other in Chrome

Device massage app


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If you see carefully the textbox doesn’t lose focus at any point in the first and third video, it just hides the keyboard. And you could do that too, there’s a block for hiding the keyboard

And if you wanna achieve what’s in the second video maybe add another textbox and set it’s visibility to false. So when the user touches somewhere else or scrolls then shift the focus to the non visible text box and then hide the keyboard, this will make your main text box lose focus


Not Makeroid

It is


Makeroid Is old name

It’s a good answer, but setting textbox to invisible and trying to force focus on it doesn’t work in some android versions.

The best solution is to create a textbox with size of 1px/1px and request focus to that element. There’s taifun extension which contains TextBox.Enter event listener, so you can set the action on enter press - in your case request forcus for other textbox.


Take a extra textbox and make it invisible when you want to lost the focus of any textbox then at that time request focus on invisible textbox by that the textbox that had focus will be lost

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