Need of after text entered event in screen keyboard

Hi, there is a block in screen component_method (1) to show the keyboard but there should be an event that when screen keyboard text is entered so that users can use it to display keyboard text if they want to because it not much great to just show and hide keyboard, we might also need to use the text of the keyboard

Can you please explain with more details?

I think this is not needed. The text changed event will be triggered only if there’s a textbox and you can simply used the text changed event which is available in the textbox component.

yes it is true but I’m talking about text entered event not text changed event @Aditya_Singh

Basically I’m telling that suppose we don’t want to use textbox simply showing keyboard and entering something and pressing the enter button but what will be the use as it’s not displaying text anywhere so if suppose i click a button and show keyboard and I want to input data and if there’s an event after text entered in the screen component then we can simply put that block to where we want to display data

I think the Show/hide keyboard blocks are there for different purpose. I will try to explain with example.

Suppose you have a code to show a custom dialogue containing a textbox.
Now when the user click on the textbox the keyboard is opened and he/she can enter the text.
But after entering the text, if you simply dismiss the dialogue the keyboard doesn’t hides.
In this case you have to call the Screen1. Hide Keyboard method to hide the keyboard when you dismiss the dialogue.

I completely agree @Vaibhav but i think you have not understood what i mean in my first post. I have noting to do with hide or show keyboard block, just an event handler to get the text when enter is pressed and I’m not talking about using any textbox , just imagine i am not using textbox and using a label, which contains a name and I want to edit it with a button and I press it so the Screen1. show keyboard method is used, and after entering data I want whatever is typed using the keyboard should be displayed in the label(rename the name) but to achieve that I must have a parameter screen1.keyboardtext or an event when text entered so that I use the block screen1.hide keyboard in the event and use the screen1.keyboardtext to set text of label

Isn’t that the same thing?

yes it is the same thing if we are using a textbox but in my last post i mentioned that I’m not using a textbox, please read it maybe you’ll understand what I’m trying to say

I have a solution :point_down: for this :point_up: particular case @Soham_Shah

you have used a textbox right and set accent color maybe white? Am i correct?

At the starting its label and the text box is invisible.When you click label, textbox become visible and label’s visibility is set to false. The textbox background color is set to ‘None’ to hide the underline :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here are the blocks :point_down:
blocks (67)


It’s a good logic but have you dissappeared the line that appears in a tetxbox, set accent color to white?

Yes the line will disappear, if you set to none

No as I said :point_down:

I have not done any change in accent color

But my problem for accent color is like if we change it particularly for one textbox it affects all textbox used and also scrollbar :pleading_face: so instead we should have different accent colors for each screen so we can change it in any screen

wow! thanks it helped me a lot

Wait no, it is not the accent color, it is the background color of the text box

No need to change accent color just change the background color of particular textbox to None