Need permission from kodular

I am creating an app and in that app I want to use kodular logo. Does I have permission to use it or not.

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When you signed the terms of service you could have found your answer.

Use of Kodular Names and Trademarks ¶

“Kodular Creator”, “Kodular”, and its logos and seal are trademarks of Kodular. You may not use Kodular’s names or logos, or any variations thereof, without prior written consent of Kodular. You may not use the Kodular name in any of its forms nor Kodular seals or logos for promotional purposes, or in any way that deliberately or inadvertently claims, suggests, or in Kodular’s sole judgment gives the appearance or impression of a relationship with or endorsement by Kodular.


So in the simple way does the answer is No.

If that is a No for you then i will probably be a No.

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You can ask the team in a proper way & if they provide you written notice to use it… Then you can use…

I didn’t understand that. I am creating app for aia files store there I want to add the logo. How could I will get the permission.

This looks clear to me.


You may ask Diego OR any Kodular Team member For That. If They Permit You, Then You Can use It.


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