Need suggestion for extension Update

Hello Koders,

I am excited to announce that I am planning to update the FileManager extension, and I need your valuable suggestions! The FileManager extension currently offers a wide range of file management capabilities, such as checking if a file is a directory, hidden, or exists, navigating directories, renaming files, creating and deleting directories, and much more.

Current Features:

  • Check if a file is a directory, hidden, or exists
  • Navigate and search directories
  • Rename, create, and delete files and directories
  • Get file attributes such as size, permissions, path, owner, MIME type, last modified time, extension, and basic attributes
  • Copy and move files
  • List files and directories
  • Calculate checksum for files


I would love to hear from the community about which features you think would be most beneficial to add in the next update. Please select the features you would like to see or suggest new ones in the comments!


have you even tried this extension

  • Zip/Unzip Files
  • File Sharing
  • File Preview
  • Cloud Storage Integration

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kindly give your valuable suggestions/opinion I will try to make the best extension to enhance user’s experience and a beneficial for creators.