Need the value between to two times

Hello Codes,

i am trying to compare two times

Ex: 11:00 (Current time) & 11:30 (+30 mins)

I need the values(Time) between this two times

Ex: 11:01, 11:02…11:29

Please help me :neutral_face:

Split the current time at : and select the index 2nd item on each case, now use for each number from(2nd item of current time) to(2nd item of final time) by (1).

Use add items to the list with item get number.

Here you can use the logic, If the length of the number is not 2 then add 0 in front


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can you please show me blocks. not understood


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For custom time picker


this result for 30 mins right


yes, you can edit the interval in the clock timer event block…


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thank you so much @Still-learning

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