Need to split this string and put it in 3 textbox

Sorry my english is not very good!

I have a string with 3 words separated by a symbol “|” . I need to split this string and put it in 3 textbox. I’ve already researched and I’ve been racking my brains for 2 days, so I turned to the community!
Any help will be welcome!
Thank you very much!

losing 2 days for the mere fact of not reviewing the functions is serious

Yes Yes it’s true. I am a beginner and with this simple routine I realized that I have a lot to study and a long way to go. Thank you very much for the quick response and for the tug on the ear rsss! Thank you very much!

Ok, mark the solution and continue learning.

What happened was that when there is an empty string in the content, it returns an error. I put a condition “IF NOT EMPTY”, but the error persists!

This way it worked!