Need work as a developer and UI designer

Hi, I am a Professional app developer and UI expert and I need work

I have created many apps and sold them online.
I can make many good apps for you, I can also turn your app’s UI into modern, aesthetic or dark theme UIs.

If some is interested in hiring to build their apps or enhance their apps, then please message me.


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Since you’re apparently 13 years old people should be careful when contracting you to do work for them.

The buyers also have trusted me. (And I’m now 14)

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It’s not about trusting you, you’re probably an honest person who does great work. The issue is with using a child to do work. This may not be a problem in developing or third world countries but people in the Developed World should have higher standards and not use children to do work.

Nobody will be “using” me to get their work done, I will do that because I want and not be doing it for free. Everybody should get a chance. I want to do something in an early age. You can also call me a teen.

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show images of what you’ve already produced, so we can see the quality of your work.


I would like to check few of your works as well.

btw, i’m afraid of indian child labour law. :roll_eyes:

I have sent my works via pm

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