Network component is not working

hello everyone,
i am using below blocks to detect if internet is connected or not
but when i try apk in mobile without internet connection my application opens for 2 seconds and crashes and i see application crashed error. but when i try to open the app with internet connection everything is working as expected. so i think the problem is in component because it should show the message dialog which is not showing or am i doing something wrong ?

pls help me

I recommend using [if not isConnected] rather than [if false=isConnected]


Use show alert block.
If that works then something is wrong with custom message block.

alert block is also not working.

Then I think @Ken is right.
You should try if not internet connected block.
Try reloading creator and re using network block.

try this one image

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@Ken i tried using when netwok disconnect but that is also not working

@Shona_Creations i tried your block but it shows the dailog even when net is connected. and crashes when net is disconnected.

For me:


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this one is also not working :sob::sob:

(plus i am using wifi not sim connection so can this be the reason ?)

but this one is work in my apps like a charm . btw u set clock in this way image

Define “not working”.

Try putting your device in airplane mode

Also @Shona_Creations brings up a great point, without a timer this will only detect if there is no connection at launch.

that’s exactly what i want to do to detect connection in launch only.

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can you guys try this create a normal sample apk and use a component which require internet and then use apk in real device without connection does your app crashes or not. i want to know
(do not use network component i want to know the app behaviour without that)

it will be great help if anyone try that for me

then try simple if u want while running application use network component when network disconnect then show custom dialog . when network connect open screen again 1,2,3 .

i tried that. the problem is custom dialog is not opening and app is crashing.( when internet disconnected)

You used show custom dialog component bcj in past i saw you not used this image

i think you misread it is custom message dialog.

custom dialog and cusom message dialog is not same my friend.