Network location

There was an option for network to get the longitude/latitude using the network, not the location sensor,was it removed? (as I remember,used that 2-3 weeks ago or so)

In which component was it removed? Network?

I don’t think “Network” component which get lat and lng existed in Makeroid but have a “Network” to check that user is connected to internet

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No, it does.

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it existed

As far as I remember I needed 2 weeks ago to make an app that gets location without using the location sensor,using only the internet,it worked pretty good but now I can’t find that option

First of all, it didnt existed, it does exist, the Network component exists if were talking about that.

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This is what i told

Is there a way to get the location without the GPS now? that’s what I want to ask…

There was for 100% sure not such blocks in the “Network” component.
The last change on this component was done on 7 Feb 2018.

ok,then I don’t remember how I did that :confused:

Maybe in a other component?
Google maps ?

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he asked without GPS

found a way to do what I want,using GotoURL on a webviewer with url “Google Maps”,waiting some seconds and after that getting the URL of the webviewer(which changes and contains the lat and long now)