New App Car Buying Guide (FindCarz) (Only Avaliable for India

What is the name of your app?


Describe your app:

A simple Car buying guide which helps anybody to buy a car
It is only avaliable in India
It has cars with prices for everyone


App Store/Download link:

FindCarz - Apps on Google Play

AIA file (Optional)

You need to work on the UI. The app look so basic ( Not even looking like a basic app ). You have implemented just buttons and images. There are chances that your app may be removed from the Playstore for going below the minimal functionality. Also, you have mentioned This app is in development and still published in full rollout. Remove from the production or Publish in Internal testing and invite testers to install your app. Asking app users for reporting bugs is not great. I hope you’d understand. You need to first learn how to design UI and the basic functions of an app. Take a look at the community or ask how to implement a feature or function. Like, How to add a sidebar? How to implement a database? etc.,.

I am not telling that you’re app is not a great one. But, you can improve it a lot. Don’t take this as a hate reply.


Thank you for your advice
will do it

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any one having aia file for cab booking app like uber ??