New Bugs In Community

I found these new kind of community bugs

No Kodular Icon, Menu Icon, Search Icon & Account visible.

Founded at :- 06:00 IST

Bug or symptom of updation??? Confused. Also now kku cannot able to see the visitors count for each reply

Unable to view anything

Hmm… everything is fine for me in laptop.

Oh no!

Now i finally i am able to see the topics
But not working on desktop :flushed::flushed::flushed:

The current theme just looks nice, let it be for a while please kodular :grin:

Thank you guys for your support.
Now I will continue developing extensions, some free and a lot of paid extensions will come soon.

But still not able load some topics.


Someone help, I can’t see replies or anything… Not even my own profile picture, what’s going on?

I still haven’t reloaded the page for new things to take place, I can see everything :partying_face: :sweat_smile:

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Try using in Mobile.

May be updating theme :face_with_monocle::roll_eyes::flushed:

Me too haven’t reloaded the page :sweat_smile:

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Never reload :arrows_counterclockwise: :crazy_face:

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Now I can see everything!
Bug fixed!

Wait the emojis are default emojis…

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Yes Now I am also able to view in Desktop :grinning:

Found new option to Save reply as Draft

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However they look nice on :grin: :grin:


Maybe the community updated? It didn’t seem like an update though.

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Yeah, they updated the community and it was down for sometime.