🖌 New Community Look

Because the theme wasn’t made for mobile first.


at least add a bookmark option near to question section

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Don’t know it’s a bug or not but wants to inform Kodular Staff.
I have just saw a post in topic where some new posts are displaying at upward and old posts at downward.
Here’s Screenshot ;

Here’s Topic link ;

Nope.That isn’t a bug.The two topic was merged together so all the posts of the second topic was at the bottom of the first topic.That’s it.


It was split by @Boban because there are duplicated topics.

Now I made you confused :upside_down_face:

Sorry but the new theme isn’t working well for me, on Firefox I can only see 50% of images in topics…

In this post for e.g. I have a problem with my chat application - #5 by Boban images are missing in my view and it is not only in my posts this happens but from other users/threads/posts as well…

Edge is showing them, likely Chrome too, but I don’t have it anymore.

That’s mean most of the Chromium-based browsers are doing great :wink:

Yeah, Chrome is showing them at least when I compare them two, but since I work 99% of the time in Firefox that wont help me…

Another one Getting Values From Airtable Problem

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Maybe I put “-webkit” in some CSS lines

This does not work in Firefox because it is based on Gecko, and not WebKit

I will try to review asap


You shouldn’t be changing the width or height of images…

There is also a problem with quote. every letter has a space between


Another Issue:

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I found a problem while opening community in mobile. The title of the topic is not visible completely.
It might be look nice, if it is displayed in multi line.

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@Vishwas any suggestions? :sweat_smile:

I have adjusted word-break, however it doesn’t seem to work

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There should be a vote field, shouldn’t there?


No icon for Tutorial Writer Badge.

Edit -
Also No icon for Kodular Contributor Badge.


I personally do not like the new theme. Will it be possible to revert to the old theme? Some of the main reasons are: eye strains (need to wear sunglasses:joy:), soo many bugs

What do you think? :+1:t2: If you agree with me & :-1:t2: If you don’t agree with me


having same problem . @alexitoo_uy
i can not see half the images on the forum .

like this one
project field
can not see .
im using firefox .


The icons are…weird.

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