New Companion Did not working

Hi, The companion did not works after the update. Kindly check the video link below
link:“MAH06767.MP4 - Google Drive
MAH06767.MP4 - Google Drive

yes… same problem here… i thought companion is not working on old projects, but its also not working on recent created project.

@ProKoders can you guys also try, if its working or not.?

It works perfectly for me
However, I may have fixed a little bug. I don’t think it’s releated with it, but maybe it helps

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Yes not working after Draco update

i have cleared all the browser data, tried different browsers (Opera and Chrome) but still companion is not working… the QR code stays the same, nothing happens.

do we need to wait for the new companion update, or the current one will work.

Reinstall the companion from playstore.

yep not working …

tried it,…still not working

still not working… installed it from play store again just like you said. cleared all app data and tried again.

:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::pensive::pensive: same problem …:expressionless::expressionless:

I’ve now restarted Rendezvous server, please try again
Everything is working properly for me now


Thanks for restart server. now all work fine.

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its now working fine. Thanks for the quick fix

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it is also perfectly working in my device

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i think its ur mobile problem

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yes now its working

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Kodular Draco Version 1.3.0 Companion is work fine.

Thanks Diego

Best Regards
Ali Hashmi

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its working good but its take time to load app

Now Its Working. Thanks for the quick support

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Hello @Diego the companion is again not working, this time something different is going on. when i scan the QR code, the qr code is gone and thats it. nothing else,
i just wanted to ask to that are you updating the companion or creator? if yes then i will wait for your update, else, pls tell me how to get this right,

Thank you

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