New companion Eagle

Very interesting work, nice interface, but if I use companion I have only 1.3c Drago. In PlayStore I don’t see a new version (Ealgle) and the old version do not work. Why

Google is “publishing” it…
I hope it will arrive soon…


dear friend, why did you change kodular? now nothing works…constant errors…from java classes and vertical arrangement…it was all perfect this afternoon before the upgrade…

please advise…

:smile::smile: Ok

Ehm, here in the community we have been talking about this update for weeks.
So… what advice? :sweat_smile:

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its no joke my friend…runtime error no method named getvalue…and it cant find vertical arrangements, even when i delete the ones that worked today and put new ones…anybody??

Maybe because the companion isn’t updated?
Check if you have the update for Eagle version, else wait for it.

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ok thanks for your reply, ive just been working this a project for a month…take it easy

till then can you please link its apk here in community ?

It’s now live


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