New decade, or not?

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When does the new decade start?

  • 2020
  • 2021

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The decade ends in 2020 but the '10s end in 2019. Or that’s just me being pedantic

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It’s not that easy :joy:
In Spanish, it’s even more confusing, as we have “decada” (decade) and “decenio” (decade too). The first one is the group of 10 years, and the second one starts when the “mod 10” of the year when it goes to 0.

According to the Gregorian calendar, milleniums and centuries start the 01, and decades start the 0 (even though does not make sense to me).
When Did the Decade Start: 2020 or 2021?
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For me, the decade begins in 0 and ends in 9. If it didn’t, all the modular arithmetic does not make sense :joy:
And also, when do you count your first living decade? When you become 10 years old, or when you became 11 years old? No further questions your honor.


Well, I just consider 1999 and 2000.
When the next century began?
Obviously from 2000 and not from 2001.

In the same way, next decade has just been started from 2020 :joy:.
What do you guys think?


Think about the start of the calender
Calender started in year 1 (one)
Then year 1-10 = 1st decade
Not year 0-9
According to this rule:
Century started at 2001
New Decade starts at 2021
After 2020, 202 decades will be completed
Only calculate which are completed
We are in the last year of the decade

Sorry for opening this discussion again… but it seems Vishwas looked into the future…

First, I read “pandemic” instead of “pedantic”

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