[ new design with pop-up menu without extension] Professional bottom navigation like flutter

Hi gyz i made a professional bottom navigation bar just like flutter under Under jugard Series Project 7

added another design


I used Phase animation extension by @Shreyash
And no other extension is used just used Kodular components​:sunglasses:

Here is only demo video check this and let me know if i made its guide or not

Navigation with popuo menu and curved cards

Made with kodular components :sunglasses:
Demo video

Give your suggestions

Should i make a guide

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  • NO

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Your love will make to upload guide as soon as possible
If you want :blush:
U can use
#I _want_this_juagrd

if u like my work then give it thumbs up :+1:


#I _want_this_juagrd


It is awesome. Good job.



Thank u @Yoshi for your appreciation it means a lot for me :blush:
I’ll try my best to upload the guide soon

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well said.

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@ashishthakoor58 thank you :heart:

The icon is a little bit too big and seems not aligned to the centre.


Its not an issue i made it big knowingly
But The size can be changed as per requirement and ita not a tough task u just have to change values

Yeah i noticed it i’ll set it when release the guide

Thanku for your suggestions :blush::heart:

#I _want_this_juagrd

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@rizu thanku
I’ll upload the guide today… May be at night


Is this work perfectly on every android version because sometimes i see some components didn’t work in every version

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@Yash_Agarwal_376 yes i m aware of this issue
And Before releasing the guide i’ll share apk so that everyone can try it and then share the issues he found in app
Then i’ll try my best to remove all of them making it highly responsive

i am working on some other unique types of bottom navigations too…that has not been made in kodular yet

When will you upload guide?

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Such a great idea.
Well done :+1:

waiting for the guide

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#I _want_this_juagrd

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@Xoma m working on some other unique navigation bar designs
and will uplod the guide when they get completed

thanku m working on and guide will be updated soon

Thanku i"ll upload the guide soon

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