New Extension Ethereum for transactions with cryptocurrency Ethereum


After a few months of work we have finally finished the extension to carry out “Online” and “Offline” transactions through the Ethereum Cryptocurrency platform.

We have been slow because we had to reduce the libraries to be able to give an acceptable and functional size for the different Blockly systems like this one.

We create the extension called “Coinsolidation Ethereum”. It has already been tested and compiled in Kondular, AppInventor, Thunkable, AppyBuilder and everything has been OK.

With this extension you can create the following transactions:

• Creation of new accounts (addresses) in blockchain Ethereum (privateKey, publicKey, Address)
• Storage of account data (addresses) in binary files.
• Import accounts (addresses) from binary files.
• Obtaining an account (address) through privateKey.
• Creation and sending of transactions between accounts (addresses) “online”.
• Creation, signature and sending of offline PushRaw transactions.
• Consultation of transaction details Tx.
• Balance check on addresses and smart contracts.
• Compiler for Smart contracts.
• Creation, publication and execution of smart contracts.
• Creation, publication and execution of Token ERC20 (cryptocurrency token).
• Obtaining ABI code from smart contract.
• Verification of network connection.
• Consultation of ether’s value in the crypt-currency market in any country of the world (native currency of the country) - Exchange Rates.
• GasPrice consultation.
• Consultation of “nonce” of a specific account.

Do you want to create your own Crypto asset (token currency) ? Create it simply, easily and quickly.

Send and receive cryptocurrency by creating an easy and simple transaction.

You can create an Exchange in just 15 minutes to send you payments through the Ethereum Blockchain. Enter the world of cryptocurrencies for payments.

You can create scheduled transactions “Offline”.

You can consult our user guide in different languages ​​(Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese).

You can download the extension from the Github repository.

OpenQbit + Coinsolidation.


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