New Extension Ideas Poll: February 2023

Hello everyone,

Every once in a month, I take sometime to create extensionsfor AppInventor and Kodular. I’ve received many ideas from some of you for what to make in the next month, and this time, I would like to hear all of your opinions on this.

I am thinking of creating one or two every month. You’ve all suggested great ideas, and I chose some that are most feasible and creative. Please poll below; it takes less than 10 minutes and I generally appreciate your kindness.

Extension Ideas

:world_map: Extension 1: Google Maps implementation. Currently, there is no way to fully implement Google Maps in AppInventor; even with a WebViewer, it is still very limited. This extension will be able to use the Google Map API to create Google Maps, not just for AppInventor, but also for Kodular, where it will provide extra features to the native component (such as custom markers, directions and more).

:pizza: Extension 2: Chef ingredients and recipies. With this extension, we will be able to retrieve the recipe and a list of ingredients for your favorite dishes. Apple pie, ice cream, so on and so on, with this extension it will all be feasible! It’s a great tool to create apps for beginners learning how to cook.

  • Extension 1: Google Maps
  • Extension 2: Chef recipies

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Thanks! I appreciate your kindness. Please cast your vote; if you have voted on my website or other forums and you have chosen multiple options, your votes will be considered as invalid as I cannot identify which vote I should count.