New FAB doesn't work!

Describe your issue

I’ve added the new FAB to my app, but FAB does not appear.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Try to add a FAB

Expected Behaviour

The FAB appears

Actual Behaviour

The FAB doesn’t appears

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Tell me if I did something wrong

Try using the Recreate block then show.

You don’t need to use the “Show” button if the property “Visible” is enabled in Designer

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There is no recreate blocks

Yes, i know, but i tried that because it doesn’t show up!

Sorry I meant to recreate the FAB, delete and try again.

Can you send me your AIA?

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I have FAB on each screen, but none of these are working !

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I was able to “fix” it
Set Screen Scrollable to false, and it will be working

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I will try ! But i Hope it will be fixed soon ! Because without “scrollable” enabled, its impossible to edit components

It has been fixed, and it will be live on 1.1.1
Both TitleBar and FAB issues


Cool ! When will it be available approximately? Soon ?

I can’t say any date :sweat_smile:


Icon is missing a blocks

Pls create another post

Look at this :

This has nothing to do with the FAB, please remove your post in this topic!

FAB does not appear when “Scrollable” is enabled
You can see it in the video!

Maybe remove the wrong quote then.

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It’s true! I copied and pasted too fast