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I have a new feature suggestion. Is it is possible to search particular block where it is.

Because for those who make application with lots of block they cannot find the previous block from where they have done it and have scroll so much up and down to find it again.

Thank you,
Saurav shaw.

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for this i am using my method like if wana search any button , i just create same button again and it shows an error on that and when i click down on show warning, it leads me to that button blocks, same like with screen initialize and back press etc, just create a duplicate of it and error leads you to that

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Can you explain little more where is show warning option

like this,

and after workin on that pervious block again back to new created duplicate block and delete that duplicate

Thank you.

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New feauture should be like console log or deatils of breakdown of list when using list .
I am using atleast8 list if there is any error it shows only select list item but didn’t shows list detail or name

can you please give details? like your blocks or something to understand better

While waiting, it can be useful to use a trick like I do. Example: to search for example label_name I temporarily change the name type label_name @@@@@@@ so when I look at the blocks I immediately stand out. Finally restore the name

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I think this feature is already requested since months.

Like this i know how to resolve this error but it’s very difficult to know actually which list throw this error if there is list name its easy to rectify error.
i used list as data structure almost eight type of list holds different data.
For now i start from screen intialize and disable all options where i call list to get value one by one so i figured out sometimes fast or it takes too long

You must have to use if, else, where ever you are using length of list, that if any list is empty then dont call that funtion,


i used if is list empty (Listname) then so on else my blocks.
This is just example of empty string to know which list is empty this also applies for lenght of list is 2 and many errors from list

Send me your aia i will fix that and show you how to use that,

Use if, list = creat empty list, show error or notification else call blocks

i already fix that but i want list name should be add in error.
Thanks for that

Simple, where ever you have used if else for any list there use notification to show error for that list