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Hi all!!! I’ve just joined this Community. I just have a couple of questions:

1 - I’ve seen Makeroid has more features than Thunkable (at least it’s supposed to be). So, can I migrate all my Thunkable projects to Makeroid and re-create the APK normally?
2 - About the documentation, I’ve noticed there are many thinks to be written. If most of them are equal to App Inventor, why not catch them into Makeroid and just adjust where is modified by Makeroid?

Thanks in Advance,


Wait until the upcoming version. It will blow your mind :wink:

We are going to do that, but we needed a documentations first. So that is why we have it from App Inventor.

We don’t support all the components of Thunkable, but we have an option upcoming on Version 1.4.1 use Thunkable package names .

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You can import Thunkable apps as long as they don’t contain features Makeroid doesn’t have. For example, if your project contains, Thunkable’s Cloudinary component, you may not be able to import into Makeroid. Give it a try and let us know how you get on.

We’re going to be working on the documentation after our next release. It’s a big release so we haven’t had much time to work on the documentation.

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Thanks for answering so fast, @Sander and @Conor!!! In fact I don’t use the new Thunkable contents like Cloudnary or any other. In my app, I just use the basic features. I’ll migrate my main project into Makeroid, will compile it and I’ll see what happens and if there is something different, I’ll tell you.

Thanks again!!


Also if you have used Admob components from Thunkable, you will have to remove that and use our upcoming Ads components.

And don’t forget to export the keystore from Thunkable

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And of course a big Makeroid Welcome :grin:


Thanks, @pavi2410. I don’t use Admob components. But I’ll export the keystore from Thunkable.

Thank you very much, @Peter!!!

I personal think that you guyes will see, that we have done much after the next update is out :smiley:
We work current on some bug fixes.

But i think, we can release the next update very soon :slight_smile:
And then you all will know, that we work really hard :blush:


Fantastic, @Mika!!! Can’t wait for this new update!!

We have worked on lot of many things :smiley:
And not all things did we show as sneak preview :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

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But i can tell you one more thing, that will be released in the next update because i have create that:
In the next update you all will have more listview properties.

And yes, you can add subtitles, because i have enabled html code for every listview item :slight_smile:


Great!!! Don’t let me anxious, @Mika!!! kkkkkk

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And when I say, I have added more… it means this:



Wow!!! Amazing!!! Keep up your fantastic job, @Mika!!

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Nice to see you here @Kleyber_Derick


Thanks, @Bruger!!!

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