New makeroid apk download error

when I export my apk with the help of companion through QR code instead of download start browser opens
and if I export apk to my computer it shows error " apk is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous and when I try to install it in my smartphone it does not install

Ignore the message. Google changed anything on there protect.
Our apps are not danger.


If you’re that nervous for installing a Makeroid made app, look at this:, I can tell you other builders may be dangerous, but Makeroid is safe and free (Will always be)

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I am unable to install my app apk in my smartphone initially it was installation ng but not mesge appears " app not installed " waiting for your reply
Second thing is that when I try to export my app using QR code it also does not work instead companion starts download it opens browser really I need help

Temporarily disable Play Protect and it should work.

Hmm hmm, I think he meant permanently*

Maybe we need to sign our app ?

Signed by default, just recently started happening for apps not on the Google Play Store

How much time will be needed to solve this issue ?

It’s not Makeroid, it’s Google

So estimate, whenever Google feels they can be nice to us again

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Apk is not installing in smartphone is Google related issue what should we do? Google will allow our apk to be published on Google play. explain this funny situation I am shocked spent almost a week in building an app in makeroid all my effort resulted in vain

You should have to change url http:// to https:// because google detect that isnot a secure site.


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It is not only through QR code issue appears but also when I transfer it to my smartphone and then install a messege appears that app not installed

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