New Navigation Bar Suggestion

Can you replace the current navigation bar used on the viewer with the one below?


You can just import this to the images folder, it has the same size, the same name with the current one.

This just looks a bit, modern? With Android P :slight_smile:.

This handle android 9 by default.
And since it is a system component we cant change it.


Wait, I didn’t mean like that.

I meant to change it on the viewer. Not an app built with Makeroid :joy:

@Vishwas possible?

We’ll add this in the upcoming release.

Although we’ll have to use other assets to allow changing of the navigation bar colour


You can get the image I provided directly, as I told you, it’s the same size with the current and the same name.

Just a reminder :smiley:.

You can’t find it anywhere either, I worked hard on Photoshop to do that, it had another color at the background.

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Not true :smiley:
We can change The Navigation Bar color on phone preview @vishwas :smiley:


What I mean is, we cannot use that image because the navigation bar colour can be dynamically changed

Yep, forgot that. Let me make it transparent and re-send you.

Btw, found a bug. :smiley:

You should have 2 navigation bar assets for the white background color option, it becomes invisible.


The best I can do. Maybe you can fix it with a bit more. @Vishwas

…and probably you should ahhaha :smiley:

Dont forget that our priority is now to fix known bugs. :smile: