New Policy someone help me

Hello good afternoon, I am facing a big problem with the PLAYSTORE due to permissions.

Playstore is saying that it can remove my apps by: “Let me know if you use location data in the background in the app” as I use admob banner ads, the kodular by default already includes the permissions: android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, android. permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION,

However, these permissions are only allowed now if they are extremely necessary. Example: the main function of the app is to use this permission.

Ads are rated as running in the background, that is, I cannot place my apps in the playstore using admob ads without breaking the policies.

Can someone help me? can I remove this type of permission on the kodular? please guys who have a solution thank you my app account is at risk.

is this new admob account?

Yes I recompiled the app today with the current kodular admob and still asks for the location permission

your admob account is new?

account was created in 2020

How to edit manifest.xml ?, I noticed that you don’t have this option in kodular, however I’m having problems with some unwanted ones, how do I solve this problem? permissions are corner, when I place admob ads, PLAYSTORE is asking to remove them.

Remembering that any compilation program changes my SHA key, I am able to change the manifest but I cannot publish it in the playstore.

Please use English, it is the official language of the community.

this procedure helps to edit the manifest, but the playstore does not accept, there is no way to do it on the kodular itself?

May I ask why?

says who the SHA key is not the same because it was compiled in another program, even putting the key of the same message

Playstore says it does not need to, but the kodular when placing the admob already includes in the manifest, note other types of announcements such as: startapp does not look like this permission to locate

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