NEW problem pls help and tell

hi when i opened app i saw this error while i used webviewer
pls help and tell instantly

link for website

does web viewer work with .in pages.i hope it works else :sweat: :fearful: :hot_face: :scream: :sob: :cry:

Can you show your blocks :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t hesitate to read this topic. It will help you to create a meaningful topic for example:


no block used

if you have filled homeurl property then empty it as there might be an invalid url

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noo uhh sirry my mistake
now see

i think you typed the url wrongly.Try prefixing it with https:// and check you’ve written the domain.

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ok so your problem is solved you should mark the appropriate post as solution @Ekansh_Pandit

thanks both of u i did tiny error

Can you tell us what is this error, so any one else have your problem can find the solution :slightly_smiling_face:

i put the wrong link

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