New Scammer Alert Deephost

I dont know :man_shrugging: if you want extension then you should contact legit developer :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is a Plotting going On :slight_smile:

I would like to get his response.

If You Want Any Kind Of Extension Contact Said Dev He Is Best Developer…
@Said-Dev is advanced developer of all time and one more but he is private developer he also make so many cools extension he is same like said dev But He Never Reply My Message

Telegram: Contact @Extension_Developer I Dont Know He Dont Want To Sell Any extension even he has advanced extension even he dont do post in community he not reply me but he can reply you try your best :slight_smile:

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I know said dev.

I bought around $85 Extension from him and Kuszaab.

But i need otp system like deephost thats why i knocked.

He said he can offer bulk sms at cheap rate.

Also had a discussion with them :).

His id … or contact @Said-Dev Both are Best Extension Developer Of All Time :star_struck: and legit developer
I dont like anyone

Bro OTP system may be its hard enough :sweat_smile::roll_eyes: why you need i think you should learn android studio

It possible with kodular too, just need to find suitable service and must have API knowledge


Even i can make Any Extension @Deepanshu_Arya but i not work for money and feel lazy to make extension i.may have otp extension made i dont remember :man_shrugging:… I Mostly like To Make Admob Extension :grin: :blush: .OTP Extension is not big Deal but i dont wanna make coz i am laziest guy ever if you want otp contact @Said-Dev Or Telegram: Contact @Extension_Developer they can make for money

So you really got scammed now because he is not a scammer he is famous for extension and projects and secondly you have wrong telegram id can you say who gave it to you?
And last

He have is own paypal id why would he use his mother id
Actually because the one you talked to was a scammer

Androteq is also a Scammer. Please guys be aware of him too. He has cheated me taking 300$ to create an app. I have all the chat proofs how he ignored me after recieving the money. Kodular should ban him and his all accounts.


Yes I know he is also an scammer. He has mutiple accounts on telegram or maybe two guys planning each other and i had conversation with this guy i was not sure if he is the same but when gave link to whatsapp status i got he is the same guy but didnt wanted to put a finger because i have already discussed here about Deephost and topic about @Androteq would change the topic.

Brother you have the chat screenshot, Please share them we need to identify scammers. :slight_smile:


Actually I think you should call him and contact personally because as far as I know I am also in Deep hostgroup and does main ID of deep host @deephost was deleted by him if you check his messages in group it will show deleted account.
And a scammer took this username on the spot and made ID . So @deephost ID is totally fake it is not real maybe the deep host had made a new ID contact

By listening to his voice accent and knowledge related to bulk sms.

I am sure he is Deephost

I also dont want blame anyone for no reason.

If possible i will record a voice clip as a proof


See active time in telegram and clock time

Deephost just deleted the entire conversation.
He messaged me.

He dont care what other people think about him with 2 laughing emoji’s :joy::joy:

He said, I paid him $2 whereas i have paid him $6. He gave one btc adress and told me to send on that later on he said to send $4 and even i sended that. Later on he is saying to pay me in paypal. I forgave him and said can u make it by tomorrow morning he said yes. He asked for $10 for a youtube boost website. i said i will pay you just create the extension and he disappears the next day.

Now he is saying, i defamed him so Using his position ( Extension Developer) . He is going to block my account. I have 5-6 extensions under this email.

So this means we cant even speak our voice if we get scammed.

I was looking for a reply from you. :slight_smile:

Still no proof who is who. If you can not come up with any good evidence there is nothing we can do. Question is what we could do anyway. We can block accounts but users could make new ones. You have also your own responsibility as to who you send money to. See it as a valuable lifelesson.


Why do you need extension for OTP? Even you can use web component with api to send OTP. A bunch of tutorials are there. For cheap price for the api you may use Fast2SMS api. It’s really great i used it. Else you may search for any free api available in the internet. That’s less investment than the price of Extension.

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Sorry maybe I have written extension above, he said he will provide an aia file with all international numbers spinner.

100000 sms at $30 ( He already have an account in a website which is unknow to me)

I have otp knowledge even implemented on my app but my otp sms is little expensive and only for local sim providers.

Thank you for suggesting Fastapi, I have Fastapi but sometime i dont recieve code and i cant take that risk.

I Love to Keep things hygienic.

  1. I gave an example with Fast2SMS for OTP service.
  2. You can request Fast2SMS service support to activate international sms.
  3. You have option to use other international sms services.
  4. Till now the topic was scamming with specific word Extension. Now you are saying that it was not extension…it was .aia file!

Really! I don’t know what’s going on.