New Scammer Alert Deephost

Hi everyone,
This is Arpon

Few days back, I was looking for Otp system like Deephost. I got some responses, among all 1 users suggested me to directly ask to Deephost.
I contacted him through telegram.

I said i need OTP system for my app. He said he can make it. I said, how much sms will i get /cost. He replied 100000 sms at just $30.

He said he will make the extension within 2 days minutes and i paid him $6 as an advance. Now after taking the advance. He is asking for more $10 to create an account in website. I also agreed that. I said u just make a demo app, I will just the OTP in kodular and pay more $10.

The next day, He said give me your number. I gave him and he put that number in his deephost app and said me if i have recieved any code. He thought me a fool i wont understand.

Now whenever I message him, He dont reply or give any response

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I know he is a decent extension developer but taking the advantage of fame he is scamming users like me.


Are you sure this is him ? Because the Deep Host group is full of scammers. Maybe one of the scammers scammed you.


Thank you for replying. I know about Deephost Telegram group and Personal Id. This is his Id.

I basically invest to good amount in online to get something in return so after verifying everything i knocked him by checking his portfolio.

Bt got scammed as I was an International customer to him

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Are you sure that’s him?
Because I can both see that and exist
And I’m not sure which one is the legit one

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Yes I am sure.

I heard his voice, which is same to deephost.

A scammer will not do this change voice for scamming $6.

I have no problem my money is gone but i want other to be safe.


I think he also have youtube channel

Does Deephost have an account here in the community?
It would be good for him to explain since Deephost is known for his contributions in the community and this denunciation is serious.

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Yes Please Tag Him.

I know and saw he did and served for the community.

But as mentioned maybe he is selling lots of extensions so 2-3 scam will be not a great problem for him

As all we know he is a youtuber so second account seems real one.


but he is not active since April 15

Hi @arponjisan
I think you can contact him on YouTube.

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Brother He stopped replying.

He is busy with his stuffs now.

Sorry…maybe you are right but why any scammer will reply when he is ’ unmasked ’

Once again I am sorry but I am really angry and disappointed from this.

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If you believe that than you can post the link of this topic to him
It’s necessary to hear both aspects of the situation

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The conversation i gave abovw is like two days ago , i messaged him in telegram, he saw saying nothing.

When he was not responding i said keep that money with you no need to pay be back because i was upswt.upset

Telegram: Contact @deephost is real account

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This is not real account bro :slight_smile:

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I m in touch with deephost since 4month i know him from whatsapp and is real account. is scammer

Are you sure? I just talked on his telegram with telegram id

He also provided his mother paypal Id