🎉🎉New SVG Image Loader

Thank you @Preet_Vadaliya!

But I was unable to use its extension in the image component for example.
Can you give us an example of use?

This block is not working.
Here is the url I am using : https://restcountries.eu/data/abw.svg

@zainulhassan this block doesn’t work for me either but there is a workaround using web component in order to get the SVGdata

I know the workaround but it will slow down my app

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Hi @Preet_Vadaliya

Since it’s not possible to test this with Companion when using LoadFromAsset. Is there a way to test it other than having to compile it every time? I see you tell us to use LoadFromFile

But how? Do this work with Companion when testing?

how to user svg

You should give more info when you ask a question. I had to search the extension you used. I merged your topic into this one.

But I have searched here and it didn’t help me to get the details I want to know

It’s very helpful tool. I used it in png not svg.

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svg doesn’t work on link

Sweet! thanks for this. I was able to replace a few images in my app with this (company logo being one of them). Would there be any way to use this for floating action buttons? That’s where I still have icons stored as PNG files instead of SVG and it didn’t work when I tried it. I can’t use the material icon option for those because larger DPI screens don’t display properly.

Hi, i have problem with stroke or border color in svg kodular, svg is from adobe xd…

Nice extension we needed this

I think the issue with the extension is that it can’t able to load and give error whenever we try to load a svg from a file or data, if that svg have a gradient
that’s why maybe people are facing issues

Yes I observed the same

the extension is superb… its reduce the app size alot … but its not working in image sprite…
can we use in next update…?

The only thing that’s stopping me from using this extension is the spaces that Kodular adds in between arguments when they’ve been used in a Kodular component… Such as what should be “fileName,” but is instead “file Name” because of the ODE Messages for Kodular, I’m assuming.

Is there a way you can change this to “file” instead @Preet_Vadaliya?

unfortunately , It doesn’t load animated SVG :frowning:

can you make it load animated svg ?

Instead of animated SVGs you can try creating Lottie files or importing them.
You have a component to generated Lottie files (.json), look it up please.

I am also sure that you can convert animated svg to Lottie