New type of Progress bar Must Check out

I have made some fun with timer and label components and its gonna be Likely progress bar

you need to check it out once Screenrecorder-2019-10-28-13-28-54-15.mp4 (1.4 MB) [Screenrecorder-2019-10-28-13-28-54-15.mp4|attachment]

You can Make even smoothness by Arranging correct timing Try it yourself.make some more attractive progress this is just for lorn and fun.

Download AIA Progress_Show.aia (3.9 KB)

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Why you add same file multiple time?

And any one can add amazing animations through lottie Files. Any ways nice effort.

What about adding a description? An aia and video is not enough.

Corrupted video file

The videos play for me.

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Was it recorded by a Xiaomi? My phone does not play screen recordings of Xiaomi phones

Not sure but I played it with VLC maybe that’s why I didn’t have any issues.


Video also work in my phone. Huawei

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yes in Xiaomi Note 5 pro sorry for late replay. busy in festival.